Buying Used Bicycles is Easy

I am a big believer in buying used bicycles. The last time I bought a new bicycle was in 1991 while working as a mechanic/sales person at a Cannondale shop. I sold the bike to myself. Since then I have been buying used bicycles on ebay, craigslist, and at garage sales.

Dynamo Chargers Outside of the Hub

Dynamo chargers don’t have to be in the hub. Let’s look at some new designs of bicycle dynamo chargers that mount on the bicycle. All of the dynamo chargers in this review are not hub dynamo chargers. I am not against using a hub dynamo charger. I love my current set of wheels and am not open to any changes to accomodate any hub dynamo chargers. So what are the new developments in non hub dynamo chargers.

Bicycle Touring Toolkit

What does your bicycle touring toolkit look like? The proper bicycle touring toolkit depends on a number of factors. Who I am riding with and where I am riding. A group bicycle tourists that demand the same tools can spread out an extensive bicycle touring toolkit across their panniers quite easily. Credit card bicycle tourists on established routes can get away with a spartan bicycle touring toolkit. What do you use?

Thermarest Mattress Repair

I am in need of Thermarest mattress repair. My prolite has sprung a leak. I searched around and found several guides on how to affect the repair myself but also saw that I could send the mattress back to Thermarest for repair. I have never had a Thermarest leak before and am a big believer in the Prolite model and the Thermarest brand. I promote the Thermarest brand throughout this site. This was a good opportunity to see if a company I go out of my way to use and promote would get behind the customer.

Bicycle Touring Equipment Distribution

Bicycle touring equipment distribution or how I place my gear across my bike to ensure that I have a balanced center of gravity, oft used items are easily available, and items that are used together are grouped together. I’ve got three boxes of bicycle touring equipment and I need to start deciding what will go on my next adventure. This is a painstaking process of packing up, test riding, unpacking, repacking, more test riding, until I am comfortable with my bicycle touring equipment distribution.

Bicycle Touring Stretching Warmup

My bicycle touring stretching warmup begins in my sleeping bag, progresses as I break camp and extends into my first ten to fifteen minutes on the bike. I follow up a good thorough stretch by hitting a low gear and spinning my legs for another ten minutes. I don’t waste any time as every stretch is geared toward getting on the road. It makes getting started on a rainy or chilly mornings a little easier.

Best Touring Bicycle Ever

I see a lot of questions on different sites with people asking ‘What is the best touring bicycle?’ or ‘Can I use this bicycle to tour on?’ The best touring bicycle exists only as an idea. I tour on a bicycle that is NOT the “best touring bicycle”. A good deal of experienced bicycle tourers might think of it as a poor choice. In my eyes the best touring bicycle is more about you the bicycle tourist and not the bicycle. So what is the best touring bicycle? You may already own it.

Backup Media Off the Grid

How do you backup media off the grid? Storage solutions are changing almost as rapidly as the devices that use them. You are out in the woods snapping photos, shooting video, and recording time-lapses. How do you make sure you have them backed up on a storage device?

Connectivity Off The Grid

Connectivity off the grid is hard to maintain. If you think your device will stay connected while bicycle touring, hiking, or camping in the most scenic, tranquil, important, and distant reaches you are mistaken. If you venture far enough away from it all you will drop connectivity during your adventure. This is not a problem it is a ‘feature’ of adventuring.

Charging Electronics Off The Grid

Charging electronics off the grid is as much about your approach as it is about the equipment. I desire to find myself in unpopulated areas where charging electronics via a wall outlet is impossible. I need generate my own power for charging electronics off the grid. I accept this. The best method for charging electronics off the grid right now are solar chargers, cache batteries, and dynamos.

Bicycle Touring Camera Selection

The perfect bicycle touring camera doesn’t exist. We all have different tastes, needs, and mediums we publish in. I have learned a great deal since my first tour and cameras have changed quite a bit in size, function, and capability. What hasn’t changed is that you still need to carry, power, protect, capture, store, and output your media. I cannot tell you what the perfect bicycle touring camera is for your tour. I can outline the criteria I am using in selecting the camera set up I will use.

Bicycle Touring Motivation

I wrote this list for me but have decided to share it with everyone. We may not be in full agreement on all of these but I bet that more than a few will make you wax poetic on bicycle touring or possibly give you the itch to get back on the road. I write them as I get excited for my upcoming tour, and read them when my planning hits a brick wall. I give you bicycle touring motivation: 50 reasons to Bicycle Tour.

Bicycle Touring Equipment Recommendations

Bicycle touring equipment that I need on a bicycle tour. I have crossed the United States three times and have learned more than a few lessons. Sometimes I skimp and get stuff from a thrift store and then there are times when I bite the bullet and buy direct from retail/adventure stores. If you are going on a bicycle tour you need this equipment!

Mother Nature and Exposure

Exposure is a killer. You are rarely aware of it until it ups the stress level and smacks you in the face. It is where there is no hiding from Mother Nature. The funny part is she usually appears at that point in the trip that you have sought out the most. The killer mountain view overlooking the valley, the desert landscape out of Lawrence of Arabia, or maybe the ridge you just climbed. Just when you get to that place where you want to take it all in, pop out the camera and start snapping photos, you are the most vulnerable. You hear about it all the time but what exactly is exposure?

Reveal The Path Movie Review

Ok so the team behind the ‘Ride The Divide‘ movie [also on Netflix] kicks off a dream of a scenario where they buy a couple round the world tickets and fly to several destination and ride around parts unknown discovering culture, human nature, and deep crevasses within their souls. Right off the bat this movie grabbed me, shook me around the room, and spiked me on my head [without a helmet]. Cut to a rustic mountain cabin where a group of adventurers start discussing a trip that all of us dream of taking over a scotch slushie. Throughout ‘Reveal The Path‘ the dichotomy between adventure and a profound thoughtfulness can be felt.

Bicycle Touring Online

Ok…so I’m not on tour. How do I keep my bicycle touring chops sharp and in touch. Where do I read about the latest gear and get feedback on what works and what doesn’t. Where do I spend the hours, minutes, and seconds I should be riding online reading about bicycle touring? NOTE: I would love any suggestions of sites to add to this short list.

Sell Everything You Own On Ebay

Sell everything you own on ebay before you leave on your next adventure. Storage is a dirty word in my book and there is no such thing as sentimental value. Downsize the crap, lose the clutter, simplify your life, cut your fixed costs that need to be maintained while adventuring and spend the money on better gear.

Rei Minimalist Bivy Sack Review

I purchased the REI Minimalist Bivy in Boulder Colorado mid tour on my last cross country ride. It was one of those sales at REI and my sleeping bag needed replacing badly. I picked up a cheap summer bag and noticed the bivy marked down from $89 to $59. I don’t know why it was marked down. I gave it a quick once over and it seemed to be in perfect condition. MINE!

Tailwind Prairie Harvest

In the same way “Riding North – The Movie” celebrates Canada’s North West Territories through media, attitude, and song; Tailwind Prairie Harvest dials down and celebrates the people, produce, and countryside of Manitoba, Canada. These guys are bicycle tourists and storytellers and this program brought more than a couple smiles to my face and deserves …

Luci vs Luminaid: Solar Light Showdown

I saw‘s Luci solar powered light on a gadget site and instantly made the purchase. Small pack size and internal solar power would make for the perfect tent light. After purchasing I saw someone had commented on LuminAid‘s entry into the same market and I also had to have it. Get set for the LuminAid vs. Luci stand off.

Thermarest Old School vs New School

When I saw that Cascade Designs, maker of Thermarest sleeping pads, modified their Neo Air line, trimming the corners, to fit into a mummy shaped bivy, I penciled it in as a goto piece of gear for my next trip; however, I’m not so sure anymore.

“Riding North” – Movie Review

I recently came across a low budget film titled “Riding North” –, a film that centers on a 30-day bike tour through the Yukon and North West Territories. The filmmakers, Steve Langston, Chris Mitchell and Ryan Mitchell, are very upfront about a $0 budget and for the $7.00 USD I shelled out I was pleasantly surprised.

Kayak + Bike = ATV

This past summer I headed up into the wilds of Upstate NY for a weeklong fishing trip / bachelor party. While cycling wasn’t on the menu, I was there to send off a long time cycling buddy who has ridden across the country with me twice. I picked up a $98.00 cheap inflatable kayak to make sure that everyone had a spot in a boat. I was very impressed with the kayak and have been looking for a way to incorporate one into my adventure gear.

If It Touches The Bike It’s Going To Hurt – Hands, Feet, and Butt

My first tour was on a super stiff aluminum frame with an equally stiff aluminum fork using worn out bar tape on set of Michelin Highlight Super Comp 700c x 20mm tires. I didn’t wear gloves. It destroyed my hands inside of eight days. I still feel the effects 14 years later. Pay particular attention to the equipment that interfaces your body to your bicycle. Hands, feet, and your butt all make contact with the bike and need to be protected to have a successful tour.

Folding Bicycle = NYC Commuting Machine

I bought my first folding bicycle yesterday. I have ridden one folding bicycle before, a very nice and well appointed Bike Friday, and found it to be a great ride. I have been interested in acquiring a ‘folder’ for some time now. This bike will inherit the demands of my daily commute in NYC. At $2.25 per subway trip it will pay for itself after 27 days of commuting to and fro the office.

Dispersed Camping

This campsite in the photo was a welcome one. I had just climbed up and out of the desert from Phoenix and into the mountains near Payson, Arizona. The day started in a beautiful ‘cactus forest’ desert at an elevation of 1,140 feet and ended in a much cooler piney mountain landscape at 5000 feet. Located at the base of the Mongolian Rim and well inside the Tonto Natural Bridge State Park. Free Dispersed Camping near Pine, Arizona.

Electricity on a Bicycle Tour

On my last tour I employed a Brunton Explorer foldable compact solar panel charger
and back up battery to keep my smartphone, camera, and hardrive charged. I was able to stay powered up throughout my trip and never once was without power for my media kit. The downfall was that T-Mobile seemingly had no service from Phoenix, AZ until I neared Denver, CO, perhaps the best part of my trip. I was able to capture media but had to rely on wifi to publish in many places throughout my trip.

Post Bicycle Tour Depression – PBTD

Perhaps you know what I’m talking about. You spend years dreaming about your next tour and finally a window opens up. You spend hours at the computer accessing the best routes. You identify all of the areas where you will be away from services. You work on the bike nonstop to get it perfect. You are constantly playing with your gear set up, buying new gear, selling old gear, and then adjusting how you place it on the bike. This goes on for months. Once you are all set you dive into making all of the travel arrangements to get to your launch point. You pack everything you will need for the upcoming trek in a cardboard box and ship it or bring it on a plane with you. Finally it’s day one of your tour. Finally after months or years of prep you are on your way, but the bike ride is only a small slice of how a tour comes off.

1994 Specialized S-Works M2

In the early ’90’s before aluminum alloys became refined enough to make perfect bicycle frames Specialized introduced the Metal Matrix Composite M2 line with FS geometry. Composite means it is a mixture of different materials bonded together. This is an incredibly lightweight, stiff, and agressive frame that can be quite unforgiving. It handles like a roadbike and will tip the scales at sub-20lbs. when built.

Specialized Future Shock

In 1990’s Specialized looked at the work Rock Shox was doing and reached out to them to build a the Specialized Future Shock. This is a ‘Specialized’ branded version of the Mag 21 SL that would eventually be mated to a Metal Matrix compound frame called M2. I can remember staring at this bicycle fork for hours on end in all of the MTB magazines.

Bivy Sack Personality

Every since I was a young boy I have slept with the covers pulled up and over my head. Completely covered by the blanket. When I am unable to do this I often position a pillow so it covers the top of my head all the way to the tip of my nose so that just my nose and mouth are exposed. I have no explanation for this and have been derided by every single girlfriend who was witness to this behavior. Sleeping in a bivy sack comes quite naturally to me.

Stealth Camping

Stealth camping is finding a free, usually illegal, always inconspicuous campsite, spending the night and leaving without being noticed. Questions on forums abound on the practice of finding a free camping spot. It’s usually called stealth, ninja, hobo, guerrilla, urban, vagabond, whatever camping. People talk about it’s morality, legality, practise, and execution. I have successfully stealth camped 100’s of times in many different conditions. I’m fairly adept at it because I am usually very prepared with equipment on a bike trip. There are people who make a life out of stealth camping and spend every night for years this way.


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