Bicycle Touring

“Indulge your soul. Relax in the peace and comfort of nature. Amber burnished orange glowing deep within, serenely fulfills. Love is complete and life begins.” — Narrator at 2:36

The Meditation that is Bicycle Touring

When people ask me “why I bicycle tour?” I often cannot articulate a satisfactory answer. If you are a bicycle tourist or endurance athlete perhaps you can understand this.

If It Touches The Bike It’s Going To Hurt – Hands, Feet, and Butt

My first tour was on a super stiff aluminum frame with an equally stiff aluminum fork using worn out bar tape on set of Michelin Highlight Super Comp 700c x 20mm tires. I didn’t wear gloves. It destroyed my hands inside of eight days. I still feel the effects 14 years later. Pay particular attention to the equipment that interfaces your body to your bicycle. Hands, feet, and your butt all make contact with the bike and need to be protected to have a successful tour.

Folding Bicycle = NYC Commuting Machine

I bought my first folding bicycle yesterday. I have ridden one folding bicycle before, a very nice and well appointed Bike Friday, and found it to be a great ride. I have been interested in acquiring a ‘folder’ for some time now. This bike will inherit the demands of my daily commute in NYC. At $2.25 per subway trip it will pay for itself after 27 days of commuting to and fro the office.