How Much Does It Cost to Bicycle Tour

On all of the ‘Bicycle Touring’ sites I visit there is always a question about the costs associated with bicycle touring. How much does it cost? What is your daily budget? How do you get the time?

When Your Bicycle Tour Becomes A Nightmare

Sometimes the trip of a lifetime can seem like a series of bad decisions. When either ‘the Rider’ or ‘the Equipment’ cannot outperform the challenge the adventure can become a nightmare.

Idahoan Mashed Instant Potatoes are Campground Gourmet

I can remember my Mom talking smack about instant mashed potatoes years ago. I believe the word she used was BARF! She hipped me to these being much improved before my last tour.

Sardines Pack Well and are Packed With Wellness

Behold the Sardine — delicious, nutritious, easy to carry, non perishable, cheap, available everywhere, comes in a variety of flavorings [hot sauce, mustard, tomato, etc.] or useful oils [vegetable, soy, olive, etc.]

My time is worth BILLIONS!

When I tell people I am planning a bicycle tour that could possibly take ‘years’ the first reaction is usually: ‘How can you afford to do this?’ The answer is simple and strikingly accurate: My time is worth BILLIONS!!!