Rei Minimalist Bivy Sack Review

I purchased the REI Minimalist Bivy in Boulder Colorado mid tour on my last cross country ride. It was one of those sales at REI and my sleeping bag needed replacing badly. I picked up a cheap summer bag and noticed the bivy marked down from $89 to $59. I don’t know why it was marked down. I gave it a quick once over and it seemed to be in perfect condition. MINE!

Tailwind Prairie Harvest

In the same way “Riding North – The Movie” celebrates Canada’s North West Territories through media, attitude, and song; Tailwind Prairie Harvest dials down and celebrates the people, produce, and countryside of Manitoba, Canada. These guys are bicycle tourists and storytellers and this program brought more than a couple smiles to my face and deserves…

Bicycles Prohibited Signs

Bicycles Prohibited signs used to rub me the wrong way but they exist for very good reasons. As per ‘Me’ I had to learn this the hard way. I have no excuse to offer here, I just wanted to share my experience and own up to something stupid I did.