lizard head pass telluride coloradoI am currently not a hobo. I have a 9-5 job that keeps me in one place demystified and scared that I am missing the ride of a lifetime. I am taking steps to change this.

I have ridden across the United States unsupported three times:

  • NYC to Los Angeles – 35 days
  • Seattle to NYC – 30 days
  • Phoenix to NYC – 38 days

I have a good deal of outdoors and adventure travel experience. I have travelled extensively and lived abroad on two separate occasions. I have worked in Television, Music, Film, and Electronic Media production for some of the largest entertainment companies in the world.

My next Bicycle Tour will be an exercise in ‘Mobile Web Publishing’ once I hit the road. I will be updating this blog and several social media networks as often as possible while in the planning stages and while on tour.

I spend all of my time thinking about touring, reading about touring, and researching touring. I plan on quitting my job, selling all of my belongings and heading out on a very long tour.

I have never doped.


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  1. Hey hobo, me and a friend are active duty military and we’ve discussed the exact same plan! We are shooting for summer of 2014, maybe we’ll see each other out on the road! I’m a newbie to this touring world so any advice would be grand. I have grown up as a cycling commuter and been an off and on active pleasure rider for the last 26 years of my life. Good Luck with you preps! Chris.

    1. Hey Thanks…I will shoot you an email when I have a more refined plan. Right now I am swimming in information overload.

    1. I chickened out in 2014. I am tentatively slated for May-June 2015. If I can finish prepping, turn off my life, and grow a set of balls I should be good to go. Major obstacles include figuring out how to fit everything I need into the smaller volume of backpacking bags I plan to use, tire selection, intestinal fortitude, and dealing with the occasional “I’m wasting my life” panic. Wish me luck.

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