Backup Media Off the Grid

Backup Media Off the Grid

How do you backup media off the grid? Storage solutions are changing almost as rapidly as the devices that use them. You are out in the woods snapping photos, shooting video, and recording time-lapses. How do you make sure you have them backed up on a storage device? Many devices record to different mediums so saving them to one or two secure backup sources needs to be thoroughly thought out.

Backup Media Off the Grid with SD Cards

I remember paying over $100 for a 128 MB SD Card in 2002 that maxed out at about 112 photos. I just bought five 32 MB SD Cards for less than $60.

None of those SD Cards will fit into an iPod touch, iPhone, or Android devices. Since I am using a Canon Camera to capture photos and videos I am capturing to an SD card. How do I get the media out to my non enabled iPod touch publishing device?

I use an AirStash to create a wifi signal that allows me to ‘share’ what I have captured on my SD card with my iPod touch. I then push whatever I want to back up and/or publish up to my server when I am connected. The original stays on the SD Card until for safe keeping.

Since SD cards are so small I can carry enough of them with me to be sure I can save everything.

Alternatively if you were using the Android platform you could use an USB OTG Cable and a USB Sd Card reader.

In effect I am using my original capture media as my backup media when I am off the grid. I publish what I need and can upload whatever I want a second copy of to the cloud.