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I spend a good amount of my time surfing the web and am trying to flush out a large resource for bicycle touring links. I am happy to add your site here as long as it fits the following criteria.

Bicycle Touring Links Criteria

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Bicycle Touring / Adventure Sites I visit

Andre in Andes

Andrew Graham is riding from Ushuaia, Argentina to Lima, Peru…check him out and learn about his trip. – Andrew Skurka

Andrew is not a bike tourer but an all around adventurer. He has a great site with lots of adventure info that directly applies to touring.

This is a community of a new breed of adventure cyclists. If you are interested in new developments in bicycle touring equipment and do-it-yourself projects you need to start reading this forum.

Anne has been running this site and publishing about her families tours, bicycle touring and bicycle advocacy since August 2007. Lots of information at this site for the tourer.

CrazyGuyOnABike is the largest community of bicycle tourists on the web today. There is a lot of good information and discussion on this site as well as trip journals.

Adventure Cycling Around The World

Go Flow Joe

Go Flow Joe’s blog mixes some incredible photography with a unique writing style. His posts are good long reads that cover a lot more than daily mileage, gear, etc. and really make you feel like you are part of his tour.

The videos posted on this website will either be commissioned promotional videos or relating to my various interests. Those include bicycle touring, baseball, juggling, unicycling, coffee, craft beer, fpv videography, documentary filmmaking, and promotin

Little Circles Velo Vermont

This site is run by a guy who has provided me a lot of good information about my backpacking set up. His site covers quite a few outdoor activities and it’s straight to the point with descriptive writing and great photos.

PB & J All Day

Fully Loaded Bicycle Touring


RAGEBIKEATHON has been all over reddit the past couple months asking questions, answering questions, and just talking touring. Here is his blog.

Reddit's Bicycle Touring

This is a daily read for me…

A Two-Wheeled Journey from Alaska to Argentina to Fight Diabetes On July 26, 2005, Brooks Allen & Gregg Bleakney embarked on a 19,500 mile bicycle journey from Prudhoe Bay (the most northern road accessible point in Alaska) to Tierra del Fuego, the

Starting Bike Touring (without needing to know if you like it)

A basic outline of what a bicycle tourist is getting into when he/she takes the plunge.

Dave Conroy has been on the road for quite a while and has the best write up of a dyno hub recharger I am yet to read. Buy his Book!!!

Tomas is a round the world cyclist who has provided me some helpful information on GPS enabled cameras.

While Out Riding began as a blog and has moved into a full fledged site. Nice design, good writing, very informative, and lots of photos.

I was absolutely hooked by the charms of travelling by bicycle and have spent a lot of my time since dreaming up different bike routes in various parts of the world and touring when I can. In 2009 I set off from the Arctic Ocean in Alaska on an entirely