Bicycle Touring Online

bicycle touring online

Ok…so I’m not on tour. How do I keep my bicycle touring chops sharp and in touch. Where do I read about the latest gear and get feedback on what works and what doesn’t? Where do I spend the hours, minutes, and seconds I should be riding online reading about bicycle touring?

NOTE: I would love any suggestions of sites to add to this short list. These are not ranked in order. These are my bicycle touring online destinations:

bicycle touring online


My favorite place to interact with bicycle tourists online is by far: If you aren’t familiar with reddit it is a social news website that aggregates user generated links and content. It’s much more than a bicycle touring online destination. There is a ‘reddit’ for just about every interest and taste from the most vanilla to the very depraved.

I use reddit for a lot of areas that interest me and spend a good chunk of time ‘surfing’ around looking at random things when I am bored.

Interacting on reddit is ‘spiritual’ to me. I recommend everyone online take a good hard surf through reddit in any of their interests, especially bicycle touring. It is a great resource for bicycle touring online.

Here are some other reddit’s I surf for ‘outdoorsy’ stuff related to bicycle touring online:

Thanks to everyone participating at

bicycle touring online


Next is a newcomer Wow. What a great find. Helpful with Do-It-Yourself projects where you can actually interact with leading cottage manufacturers about their products.

This forum is gracefully divided betweeen a racing population and a recreation population with NO ATTITUDE between the two. This is unheard of in the roadie vs. MTB debates found all over the web today. I haven’t seen any snark whatsoever here.

This is a growing community segmented out toward a specific type of touring; however, they are bringing a good deal of new concepts to bicycle touring. Different styles of packs, bags, and ideas. It’s one of the most exciting communities I know of in how they share information for the greater good of their specific niche.

Again lots of really informative Do-It-Yourself stuff and they have an iOS app. I really enjoy this forum.

Thanks to everyone participating at

bicycle touring online


This list wouldn’t be complete without Neil Gunton’s A wealth of touring journals, forums, routes, and articles all written by people who make up the web’s largest and most specific bicycle touring community.

I am an active reader here but I rarely post. Unlike reddit, where I was a good fit from day one sharing links, photos, and info to other sites, I am not a good fit at CGOAB. This is an all encompassing one stop shop for bicycle touring that places the emphasis on ‘in site’ content within the CGOAB domain. Since I am trying to do something outside of that on I don’t really fit the mold.

There is a lot of good information here to research and many people to interact with at CGOAB. The site is especially rich in recumbent users. The community is widely varied with all types of two, three and even four wheeled vehicles. I recommend you give it a try. It is a great resource for bicycle touring online.

100% of the content is available to surfers regardless of whether you are logged in or not.

Thanks to everyone participating at I don’t post that much but my lurking has made me a better tourer.

bicycle touring online

4. -Touring Threads has a very active forum dedicated to bicycle touring online. I have used this forum for a loooong time lurking without registration but I have begun participating lately. There is a strong touring community here and many helpful voices.

Sharing links and information from other resources is acceptable here and there are many ‘stickied posts’ right at the top of the page that will help the first time tourer as well as a seasoned veteran.

Surfing this site without a membership means some of the photos will not show up. I would recommend signing up and participating.

Thanks to all those participating at

bicycle touring online

5. – Forums has been a great place for me to research and expand on my knowledge of cycling since the 90’s. I tour on an MTB so this is a no brainer for me.

They do have a good deal of ‘bikepacking’ and ‘touring’ threads but you must seek them out. The community is very helpful and sharing links is no problem.

Surfing this site without a membership means some of the photos will not show up. I would recommend signing up and participating.

Thanks to everyone participating at

bicycle touring online

6. – #bicycletouring

Twitter has become one of my new spots for reading about bicycle touring. It’s very easy to post to twitter while on the road with a mobile phone. Not so easy to update a complete site.

I see this tool as becoming more important for day to day information that needs specific context like -“What is the safest border crossing in mexico for bicycle touring?” You can dial down the search using the hashtag #bicycletouring and add whatever extra search items to get timely information.

Don’t forget to search for bicycle touring and see different results.

Thanks to everyone tweeting out #bicycletouring hashtags and bicycle touring keywords.

What did I miss on bicycle touring online?