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How Much Does It Cost to Bicycle Tour

How much does it cost to bicycle tour? On all the 'Bicycle Touring' sites I visit there is always a question about the costs associated with bicycle touring. What is the cost? What is your daily budget? How do you get the time?

Lately I am seeing a lot of questions that revolve around sites like 'kickstarter' where people are actually attempting to have others 'fund' their tour. This post is not about that. I am simply breaking down the costs of touring into three verticals that I can then plan around and price out.

How much does it cost to bicycle tour?

Publishing Outdoor Adventures

Bicycle Touring Camera Selection

The perfect bicycle touring camera doesn't exist. We all have different tastes, needs, and mediums we publish in. I have learned a great deal since my first tour and cameras have changed quite a bit in size, function, and capability. What hasn't changed is that you still need to carry, power, protect, capture, store, and output your media. I cannot tell you what the perfect bicycle touring camera is for your tour. I can outline the criteria I am using in selecting the bicycle touring camera set up I will use.


Rei Minimalist Bivy Sack Review

I purchased the REI Minimalist Bivy Sack in Boulder Colorado mid tour on my last cross country ride. It was one of those sales at REI and my sleeping bag needed replacing badly. I picked up a cheap summer bag and noticed the bivy marked down from $89 to $59. I don't know why it was marked down. I gave it a quick once over and it seemed to be in perfect condition. MINE!


Luci vs Luminaid: Solar Light Showdown

I saw's Luci solar powered light on a gadget site and instantly made the purchase. Small pack size and internal solar power would make for the perfect tent light. After purchasing I saw someone had commented on LuminAid's entry into the same market and I also had to have it….ok…here it is: Luci vs Luminaid.

thermarest mattress repair

Thermarest Mattress Repair

I am in need of Thermarest mattress repair. My prolite has sprung a leak. I searched around and found several guides on how to affect the repair myself but also saw that I could send the mattress back to Thermarest for repair. I have never had a Thermarest leak before and am a big believer in the Prolite model and the Thermarest brand. I promote the Thermarest brand throughout this site. This was a good opportunity to see if a company I go out of my way to use and promote would get behind me the customer.


Bicycle Touring Equipment Recommendations

Bicycle touring equipment that I need on a bicycle tour. I have crossed the United States three times and have learned more than a few lessons. Sometimes I skimp and get stuff from a thrift store and then there are times when I bite the bullet and buy direct from retail/adventure stores. If you are going on a bicycle tour you need this equipment!


Reveal The Path Movie Review

Ok so the team behind the 'Ride The Divide' movie [also on Netflix] kicks off a dream of a scenario where they buy a couple round the world tickets and fly to several destination and ride around parts unknown discovering culture, human nature, and deep crevasses within their souls. Right off the bat this movie grabbed me, shook me around the room, and spiked me on my head [without a helmet]. Cut to a rustic mountain cabin where a group of adventurers start discussing a trip that all of us dream of taking over a scotch slushie. Throughout 'Reveal The Path' the dichotomy between adventure and a profound thoughtfulness can be felt.


Newton Kansas Bicycle Shop for Bicycle Tourists

A Newton Kansas bicycle shop has opened with supporting bicycle tourist along the transam as one of their main goals.I tweeted this. I posted it at Reddit. I posted it at CGOAB. I have told all of my touring friends. I keep watching the video and hoping that people embrace this and DO NOT abuse the privilege. Newton Bicycle Shop receives the highest honor I can give at this time. designates this shop as an 'ALL STAR BICYCLE TOURIST.' Watch the video and disagree.

Tailwind Prairie Harvest

In the same way “Riding North – The Movie” celebrates Canada's North West Territories through media, attitude, and song; Tailwind Prairie Harvest dials down and celebrates the people, produce, and countryside of Manitoba, Canada. These guys are bicycle tourists and storytellers and this program brought more than a couple smiles to my face and deserves a watch.


Eureka Backcountry 1 Review

The Eureka Backcountry 1 is a freestanding, 1 person, double wall, tent that assembles in minutes, and boasts a roomy interior. When I say freestanding I do mean “truly freestanding”. You can completely erect this tent without using any stakes or guidelines.


Thermarest Old School vs New School

Thermarest Old School vs New School was a difficult decision for me. I spend a good deal of time lusting after new equipment online. When I saw that Cascade Designs, maker of Thermarest sleeping pads, modified their Neo Air line, trimming the corners, to fit into a mummy shaped bivy, I penciled it in as a goto piece of gear for my next trip; however, I'm not so sure anymore.



So I’m surfing around on reddit and I keep seeing posts by user tiredofitdotca who is providing a good deal of helpful info. I visit his website TiredOfI.T! and I read perhaps the best breakdown of a dynohub to laptop charging set up, usage, and experience that exists online. I also see that he has written a book.


“Riding North” – Movie Review

I wanted to add to my review below as I missed something about this movie when watching it the first couple times. This is not only a movie about bicycle touring. It is a celebration of Canada. The soundtrack really grew on me and after looking up the individual artists involved I came to look at the movie in a different light. Regardless it is a great job and well worth the price of download.