Idahoan Mashed Instant Potatoes are Campground Gourmet


I can remember my Mom talking smack about instant mashed potatoes years ago. I believe the word she used was BARF! She hipped me to these being much improved before my last tour.

These things are: delicious, easy to make, calorie laden, almost non perishable, easily packable, and delicious! They have both Gluten Free and Kosher selections. They come in a variety of flavorings: Garlic, Chipotle Bacon Cheddar, it’s almost unfair. You can even prepare them in a coffee maker in a hotel room if need be.

It’s as simple as boiling two cups of water and then mixing the potatoes in and whisking around with a fork. The box says you can add margerine but you do not need to. I add a little powdered milk into the mix and if I have it some jerky. Spuds go with just about anything: sardines, spam, salami, chorizo, etc. They even come in single servings like oatmeal. I buy a couple boxes and then portion them out in sandwich bags.


This four ounce package makes a 440 calorie meal by itself. If you added a spam single you would have a 630 calorie feast that would be easy to carry into the backcountry, easy to make, and would be delicious. On a bicycle tour it would be easy to source pepperoni, hard salami, beef stick, and any number of meats that would help to flavor these mashed potatoes.