Newton Bike Shop Expands


On October of 2013 I stumbled upon and posted Newton Kansas Bicycle Shop for Bicycle Tourists. Let’s look at what these guys have been doing.

The Newton Bike Shop saw visits from 1609 cyclists crossing America and 43 Trans Am Racers

They have redesigned, upgraded and added a new location:

Newton Bike Shop “Trans Am Bicycle Trail Hostel” from Newton Bike Shop on Vimeo.

From the Newton Bike shop: “WE CAN”t WAIT TO MEET YOU” Since 2013 Newton Bike Shop located in Newton, Kansas has hosted cyclist traveling by bicycle on the Trans America Bicycle Trail. We have been considered the Oasis In The Grass Desert.”

The new location is 8.3 miles off the Trans America Bicycle Trail in Peabody, Kansas and is called the Peabody Pedaler. Facebook is here

They will run a shuttle bus between the two stores.