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Ok so the team behind the ‘Ride The Divide‘ movie [also on Netflix] kicks off a dream of a scenario where they buy a couple round the world tickets and fly to several destination and ride around parts unknown discovering culture, human nature, and deep crevasses within their souls. Right off the bat this movie grabbed me, shook me around the room, and spiked me on my head [without a helmet]. Cut to a rustic mountain cabin where a group of adventurers start discussing a trip that all of us dream of taking over a scotch slushie. Throughout ‘Reveal The Path‘ the dichotomy between adventure and a profound thoughtfulness can be felt.

Reveal The Path

Reveal the Path Trailer from Mike Dion on Vimeo.

I have heard of and know a few of the ‘combatants’ but admittedly I don’t know all of them. My only [teeny-tiny] complaint with the film was that I would have benefitted from a little more character development in the form of some background biographical information. Then you realize that most of these guys are hardcore trailblazers who care little about credit and more about being the first to do something. We are discussing hard core bikepacking, trail riding, endurance athletes who have defined hardcore and helped to propel equipment trickle down for enthusiasts like me. Without some of these ‘Reveal The Path‘ bad asses I never see a Revelate Handlebar Harness produced for retail purchase. I’m 100% into the subject matter so I may wax a little poetic in my review.

First off great job Mike Dion [Director] and Hunter Weeks [Producer] for a second film that I have enjoyed on Netflix and will watch multiple times. I don’t have cable and regualrly scan around Netflix and come up empty. Nothing I want to watch…okay, Ill watch ‘Ride The Divide‘ again. Now I have a second go to, thanks!

Reveal The Path

It’s no easy filming on location, on a bicycle, and in between Scotland, France, Switzerland, Morocco, Nepal, and Alaska. You guys tell a nice story and make me turn and look at my bicycle with a longing for adventure. Rounding out the cast are Jason Bucher, Mike Dion, Jez Hastings, Pat Irwin, Matthew Lee, Kim McNett, Bjorn Olson, Kurt Refsnider, Mike Riemer, and Kathy Sarns.

Reveal The Path

While this film is not short on action and adventure there is a good portion divided between philosophic wanderings and thoughtful reflection about the self. The filmakers and subjects really capture the ecstacy of how your mind will wander during the physical repition that 5 hours in the saddle produces. They carve a nice line through the singletrack that divides culture, human nature, and the longing to understand why we are here. It is a spritual-physical journey that they allow us to share through their effort, honesty, and experience.

Reveal The Path

Highlights for me was watching Matthew Lee ride the Alpe d’Huez on a fully loaded Cannondale Lefty. Who among us wouldn’t jump at the chance to do that? Yet I sit in an office for fifty plus hours a week solving someone else’s problems. I could engineer a trip to France and do the same thing sacrificing very little, yet here I am in the office solving someone else’s problems. That is what I believe the filmakers are trying to communicate. In that cabin in the opening scene they talk about wanderlust and how people will WANT to get out and adventure after they see the movie. For this cyclist they succeeded.

Reveal The Path is available Free on Netflix and DVD’s can be purchased at:

Ride The Divide is available Free on Netflix and DVD’s can be purchased at:

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