Sardines Pack Well and are Packed With Wellness


Behold the Sardine — delicious, nutritious, easy to carry, non perishable, cheap, available everywhere, comes in a variety of flavorings [hot sauce, mustard, tomato, etc.] or useful oils [vegetable, soy, olive, etc.]

Open a can and dump it on top of some ramen or minute rice, toss in a can of vegetables and enjoy some roadside gourmet for a couple bucks. I tend to stick to the ones packed in oil for the fat calories. They are delicious by themselves.

I have seen them for as cheap as $0.90 a can and they can also get fairly expensive per brand. Trust me…they are not as salty as anchovies.

I will carry a handful of these in my panniers. They will keep forever and offer a different experience than a can of tuna. The oil they come packed in can be collected and used to cook with for several different meals.

I thought they were gross but then I tried them. They are a great everyday food and a good thing to tuck into your panniers or backpack if you are riding away from services.

NOTE: Make sure you are mindful of the wildlife, they will notice you just cracked a tin open, and that you pack out your garbage.

Some nutrition facts:

B vitamins help to support proper nervous system function and are used for converting food into energy.

Omega-3 fatty acids reduce the occurrence of cardiovascular disease and the likelihood of developing Alzheimer’s disease. These fatty acids may also help lower blood sugar levels a small amount.

Sardines low position in the food chain means they are low in contaminants, such as mercury, relative to other fish commonly eaten by humans.