Shimano XT Thumb Shifters

Shimano XT Thumb Shifters

Shimano XT Thumb Shifters are perhaps the finest bicycle component ever engineered. For the bicycle tourist riding a mountain bike style bar Shimano XT Thumb Shifters offer the perfect blend of functionality, reliability, adaptability, and ease of use.

My love of Shimano XT Thumb Shifters developed as a bike wrench in the late 80’s. Under the bar trigger shifters were being spec’d on mountain bikes of all makes and models. They were cheap, difficult to tune, and every bike we sold was repeatedly brought back to the shop for tune ups. Most of our customers complained about the trigger shifters whenever they were in the shop.

I favor Shimano XT Thumb Shifters over trigger, dual levers, bar end and/or twist-shifters and any other type of shifters you may suggest.


User Thomas S. shows us a complete breakdown of ML-732’s here. I have never broken down a set this far. I have found them to be the lowest maintenance part of my drivetrain

I still run an 8 cog cassette and I love my Shimano XT Thumb Shifters with the phantom click. I am sure there is a market for a new set of thumbies, perhaps paired with XTR level components that people would buy.

Thumbies ability to switch to friction mode is a must for anyone who counts on their bike to get them over long distances. They served me well on three cross country rides as well. The simplicity of good design. The click-click-clicking sound that truly only a minimalist could appreciate. It tunes easy. It is reliable. It is easy to work and it keeps my hands where they need to be.

Shimano xt thumb shifters

They were part of the Deore XT 2 grouppo and carried the SL-M732 part number.

Shimano XT Thumb Shifters service instructions

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