Tailwind Prairie Harvest

Tailwind Prairie Harvest

In the same way “Riding North – The Movie” celebrates Canada’s North West Territories through media, attitude, and song; Tailwind Prairie Harvest dials down and celebrates the people, produce, and countryside of Manitoba, Canada. These guys are bicycle tourists and storytellers and this program brought more than a couple smiles to my face and deserves a watch.

Tailwind Prairie Harvest

It’s been a tough couple years for cycling. It seems all of my recent cycling heroes are being shaken down in doping scandals that encompass bicycling as a whole. I am looking for a different type of ‘Yellow Jersey’ to dream about riding next to. Enter Steve Langston of Tailwind Prairie Harvest. It’s my hope that when he reads this he will exclaim his signature “YEAH BUDDY!!!” and continue to make quality bicycle touring media. I’ve never met Steve but we share a passion for cycle touring and I love that he is using that passion to tell stories that are important to him and interesting to me.

Tailwind Prairie Harvest

Now it’s not just Steve Langston. Let me take a second to introduce the team that makes up Tailwind Prairie Harvest: Ryan Mitchell, Christopher Mitchell, and Guillaume Borgstrom. Langston handles most of the ‘On-Air’ personality and narration, while the Mitchell brothers Ryan and Christopher co-direct. Guillaume Borgstrom is the chef and handles production and mechanic duties. They released a short video log on youtube where they published each day of the trip. Pretty impressive stuff when you figure they are sourcing home-grown vegetables and foodstuffs, shooting video, taking photos, editing, cooking, on top of a full days worth of riding.

Steve Langston – Producer Tailwind Prairie Harvest


Chris Mitchell – Director Tailwind Prairie Harvest


Ryan Mitchell – Director Tailwind Prairie Harvest


Guillaume Borgstrom – Chef Tailwind Prairie Harvest


The underlying theme of Tailwind Prairie Harvest is the celebration that is Manitoba, Canada, specifically the area around Winnipeg. The group visits local purveyors, farmers, produce stands, bakeries, markets, and sources all of their food from the province they are riding around. It’s not your typical sustainability grandstanding I see where a large corporation does something small just to pin the ‘green’ label on their website. These guys put Manitoba up front and really walk the walk by letting the people, products, and geography shine as the star of the production.

Tailwind Prairie Harvest Tailwind Prairie Harvest Tailwind Prairie Harvest

Production quality in Tailwind Prairie Harvest is top notch with graphics, titles, cinematography, and photos that help open up several layers of Manitoba to the viewer. The geography changes dramatically from place to place and shows a wide range of people, produce, and setting over what isn’t that long of a distance. We get to see sand dunes, boreal forest, lake coast that resembles and ocean, and lots of wind. I love the map graphics and appreciate that they animated an old school paper map. That is a lot more work than just grabbing it from google maps and it really fit the overall look and feel of the project. Lots of different camera angles are used and they do a great job of capturing a tour as they go. My screen grabs don’t do the production justice.

Tailwind Prairie Harvest

The best part of Tailwind Prairie Harvest for me was that they really were going all out on the food. Guillaume Borgstrom was cooking up a storm and the crew captured several shots of what looked like some really tasty dishes. In one scene that I neglected to get a screenshot of there is a shot of a wild rice dish that made my mouth water.

Tailwind Prairie Harvest Tailwind Prairie Harvest Tailwind Prairie Harvest

If you couldn’t tell I’m a big fan of what and how these guys are telling stories from the back of a bicycle. Tailwind Prairie Harvest deserves a watch. You can get more information about the project here:


@tailwindtv on twitter


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