Thermarest Mattress Repair

thermarest mattress repair

I am in need of Thermarest mattress repair. My prolite has sprung a leak. I searched around and found several guides on how to affect the repair myself but also saw that I could send the mattress back to Thermarest for repair. I have never had a Thermarest leak before and am a big believer in the Prolite model and the Thermarest brand. I promote the Thermarest brand throughout this site. This was a good opportunity to see if a company I go out of my way to use and promote would get behind me the customer.

Step one was to find out support information. This was easy enough at

Thermarest Mattress Repair video

They offer pretty clear instructions on fixing it yourself. I found that outside of the kits they offer there are a number of blogs that show DIY Thermrest mattress repair solutions.

Thermarest Mattress Repair Kits

Thermarest 2011 Valve Repair Kit

Therm-a-Rest universal repair kit

I had the equipment to fix it but since my mattress has only been used sparingly I felt that it may qualify for a warranty replacement. This was also a chance to find out more about the company culture and to see how they service their products.

I placed a call to their warranty hotline 1-800-531-9531 and was greeted by Austin who explained the process to me:

To start the Thermarest mattress repair I was to send my mattress to:

ATTN: Warranty & Repair
4225 2nd Av. South
Seattle WA 98134
Austin explained that I should add a note explaining the condition of the mattress and to include my Name, Address, Phone Number, and Email. He said that I could use any mail/delivery carrier.

He went on to explain the Thermarest mattress repair process. They would inflate the mattress and dunk it in a water tank to find the leaks. At this point they would deem it repairable or a warranty replacement. If repairable the leak [or leaks] would be marked and the mattress would be left to dry for 3 days. They would then patch the mattress. Once repaired the mattress would be inflated for a 48 hours test period. If there is no air loss it would be considered repaired. If it is deemed a warranty item they would ship me a new mattress.

The total cost would be $20 USD and that would cover 1- 10 punctures in the mattress. The repair time ballpark was about three weeks. I realize that I could repair it myself for about $5 USD in one afternoon, but this is more about finding out more about Thermarest the company.

Here is the note I included when I sent my Prolite back for thermarest mattress repair on October 1st:

Dear Thermarest,
I bought this Prolite about 8 months ago and have used it sparingly. Three to four times in my apartment and eight consecutive days in the wilds of my parents backyard [lawn] in Upstate NY while attending a family reunion.

I have had MANY Thermarest mattresses and this is the first leak I have encountered. Since it was used so little and under the least harsh conditions possible I have decided to send it to you for a review and fix.

Thanks for helping me sleep comfortably outside on countless occasions,
Phone: redacted
Email: redacted
Address: Redacted


On October 8th I received an email from Thermarest notifying me that my repair would cost $20 plus tax. I paid the $21.78 immediately via

thermarest mattress repair

On October 10th I awoke to find the following email notice letting me know my thermarest mattress repair was complete and that my repaired thermarest mattress was being shipped back to me via UPS ground.

thermarest mattress repair shipping

So far Thermarest has been a joy to work with throughout the process. I should get my mattress in 4 business days just in time to test it over the weekend.

On October 17th UPS ground delivered my repaired Thermarest Prolite on exactly the day they said it would arrive. They repaired one leak. The patch looked to be well done and I eagerly unpacked it and inflated it.

thermarest mattress repair

I let it sit the night and it did not deflate. I spent a couple of hours lounging on it today with no air loss. I also did a quick sponge test to concentrate some water atop the patch to look for bubbles.

Repair complete. Thermarest couldn’t have been easier to deal with.

The repair cost $21.78 and $5.80 shipping came to $27.58. It was money I didn’t have to spend but since I have the Thermarest brand plastered all over this site it was a nice test to see how they work with customers after they have become customers.

Thanks Thermarest!