Worst Bicycle Touring Product Ever

I give you the Kamp-Rite Midget Bushtrekka Bicycle Camper Trailer with Oversize Tent Cot complete in its lunacy and available for purchase at Amazon.com. This is the worst bicycle touring product ever conceived because of its weight, complexity, and inability to solve any bicycle touring problems.

Oddly enough 6 people decided to pull the trigger on this purchase and record a review. It has a rating of the 889,317 most popular product in Amazon’s Sports & Outdoors category.

Worst Bicycle Touring Product Ever

It’s a tank. It even looks like a tank. I got to drive an M1 Abrams tank when I was in the Army. The M1 was remarkably nimble. I do not think the comparison reaches that level. When I plan my tours I try to go as anti tank like as possible. Because of this I am calling out this product as the worst bicycle touring product ever!

Reasons why this is the worst bicycle touring product Ever

  1. It Weighs either 68 or 55 pounds based on the specifications versus the user comments. Best case scenario: do you really need an extra 55 pounds to replace that 4 pound tent? Because of it’s weight it makes no sense to be included on a bicycle tour.
  2. Most importantly it adds 4 wheels to the mix. This is 300% more wheels than necessary to successfully bicycle tour. Imagine waking up and fixing a possible 6 flats. Imagine servicing the bearings and trueing the wheels.
  3. Out of the 6 people who commented on their purchase 100% are complaining of delivery issues. Most noteworthy is the user who bought two of these before figuring out it was useless.
  4. It weighs over 50 pounds and you tow it using your bicycle. I wouldn’t suggest an extra 50 pounds to people on motorcycles. Seems like overkill to replace that 4 pound tent. Sorry…needed to get that out again.
  5. Out of the 6 people who commented 50% complained about wheel build quality.
  6. The photo alone is absurd.
  7. At $848.99 you end up spending more than any 1 person tent you can find on the market. Seriously…visit zpacks.com and buy a sick: one person, 1 pound, cuben fiber custom shelter for less.
  8. There is absolutely no Stealth Camping opportunities with this product; furthermore, you are actually placing an “I am an idiot” beacon that let’s everyone know where you stand should you be Dispersed Camping.
  9. Imagine riding with this baby behind you up a long hill with a narrow shoulder.
  10. Imagine riding with this baby behind you down a steep hill with a narrow shoulder.

Review excerpts of this product:

First off:

The bushings holding the axles for the wheel assemblies broke, completely failed WARNING!! DO NOT BUY!! DEFECTIVE PRODUCT!!


I love the look and concept, too bad it’s got a fatal flaw. Doesn’t use gas, self-contained, seems like you could hook it to most any bike, seems to tow good, shame about the wheel bushings. Keep me in mind when you get your design flaws out-of-the-way.


This Product is VERY poorly Designed, And I am very disappointed in the Workmanship.

Consequently I have a hard time believing this actually made it from design to an actual purchasable product. I am familiar with a line of cots this company makes and they look to be reasonable and effective. You have to wonder about the process in place that brought this from concept to marketplace and how many actual adventurers work at this company. Therefore I can state with certainty that this is the worst bicycle touring product ever created.

4 Replies to “Worst Bicycle Touring Product Ever”

  1. You build a prototype, you send it to China for a manufacturing sample and quote, the sample and quote return, you say “OK” and pay 50% up front for a production run, then the Chinese factory delivers a product that cost about 10% of what their sample cost to manufacture. Even if you refuse the shoddy goods and ship them back, they still win because you paid up front. This happens all the time.

    1. Thanks for chiming in Jeff….I do believe that this one went off the rails way before production started. This one was lost in the design and concept phase. I don’t think the brains behind this has ever been on a bicycle tour.

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